Unleash the Power of Analytics on Business Operations

Speed, Simplicity, and Scale to Bring Machine Data Analytics Beyond IT

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Logtrust collects, stores and analyzes streaming and historical data from applications and infrastructure vital to your digital business.

Company-Wide Machine Data Analytics

Machine data is waiting to be leveraged across your entire business. Discover how Logtrust overcomes high cost, operational complexity, and the technical challenges of existing solutions to transform your data into a competitive advantage.

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Why Logtrust?

Discover what your data is telling you with Logtrust

Interpret petabytes of information in seconds. Analyze trillions of events per minute. We translate massive amounts of data from any source into simplified insights in real time through an innovative and easy-to-use platform.


20-50 times faster than existing machine data solutions


No more data butlering between IT and Business Operations


Unlimited scale in the cloud or on-premises

Solutions for Smarter Decisions

Looking for global business intelligence? Searching for new market opportunities? Need a 360° view of your infrastructure?

Ask any question. And make faster, smarter decisions. Discover the power of Logtrust to easily extract vital business insights through a wide range of solutions.

Explore Our Solutions

Digital Business Operations

Visualize business-critical applications, their interdependencies, and the infrastructures they rely on.

Integrated Customer Analytics

Follow the complete customer journey across the entire digital business to track customer satisfaction, retention and product usage.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Collect, correlate and analyze data from the millions of devices that make up a company’s IIoT system.


Extend security intelligence from infrastructure to digital business operations.

Discover What You Can Achieve with Logtrust


Download this case study to learn how this telecom used Logtrust to adopt a modern, real-time architecture to manage millions of devices, at scale, for its Digital TV and Video On-Demand service.

“For us, big data is all about getting to understand what questions to ask. It’s not necessarily about having the answers, but asking the right questions and this is what Logtrust gives us. Logtrust’s real-time analytics give us the insights we need to take decisive and even pre-emptive action.” - Jon Williams, CTO niu Solutions


Download this case study to reveal how real-time visualization of large data volumes easily brings potential security threats to your attention.