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Generic Alerts and correlation libraries

Logtrust provides a set of generic alerts and correlation libraries that the customer can activate as soon as they start sending properly labelled logs to our platform.

All the alerts are delivered in real-time via the following mechanisms: sms, email, Jira, Service Desk, Pushover, PagerDuty, the Logtrust mobile application and Logtrust web application.

These are the libraries available at the moment (at logtrust we’re constantly updating our services and more alerts will be available shortly):

  • Attacks: this library provides notification of various types of possible attack on the customer’s infrastructure.
  • System: alert library for monitoring errors or abnormal situations based on the logs generated by the operating systems (Unix/linux, Windows, MacOSX, BSD and Vmware)
  • Tracking: alert library based on monitoring a particular user’s and/or system’s activities
  • Webserver: this library monitors errors and detects possible attacks on your web servers (Apache, IIS and HTTP)
  • Application Server: this library monitors errors and detects possible attacks on your application servers (Apache Tomcat and KBoss)
  • Monitoring: this library is enabled when the Logtrust monitoring application is activated; it contains alerts for monitoring system resources, and for detecting and preventing situations that affect system performance and uptime, etc.

Here you can find additional information about each alert library and the alerts they contain.

Business and Optimized Custom Alerts

Because no-one knows better than you what’s relevant to your business, at Logtrust customers can define custom alerts based on the searches they’re generating within the application.

You can define two kinds of custom alerts:

  • Alerts that are generated for each detected event.
  • Alerts that are generated when a specific amount of events occur during a given period of time.

These alerts will be delivered in real-time via your chosen mechanism (email, sms, Jira, Service Desk, Pushover, PagerDuty, logtrust mobile application and/or Logtrust web application).