Supercharge your SIEM with Real-time Threat Hunting

Experience the most powerful real-time threat hunting platform live and in action.

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Logtrust Real-time Threat Hunting

Real-time threat intelligence with scale and velocity

Easily harness real-time insights for confident decision-making and timely, quick execution for optimal security.

Modernize your SIEM with a single trusted source of truth

Logtrust is a single pane of glass with one location for processed, clean, and enriched events. Access and modify any and all data events in an always hot event lake.

Pinpoint cyber attacks and unusual behavior

With real-time “event of interest” notification, avoid monitoring or wading through irrelevant or mundane data.

Visualize and interact with an attack graph

No code / low code, ready-made self-service analytics solution gets companies up and running in days.

Detect intruder paths and vulnerabilities

Gain blisteringly fast real-time analytics with any data, any volume, any velocity — ingest TBs or PBs of raw data per day, and analyze over 1 million EPS / core.

Hunt cyber threats with an always-hot event lake

Always-On, Always Hot Data — No separation of data, such as hot, warm and cold enables fast, complex correlations on data lake and data streams.

Hunt threats in real-time with scale and velocity.


+ 150,000 EPS / core

Query / Workflow Processing

+ 1,000,000 EPS / core

Complex Events Processing

+ 65,000 EPS / core

Meet us at Black Hat USA 2017