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Business Monitoring

Global business visibility in Real-time.

Integrate your business applications with Logtrust and monitor its activity, e.g:

  • Service subscription/unsubscription
  • Sales per zone
  • Subscription per zone
  • Monitoring of user activity within your applications
  • Loggin/ logout per zone
  • Seasonal analytics
  • Etc.

You can create and personalize your dashboard to include the most relevant information for your company and/or business and set business alerts (delivered in real time) to inform you of important events within your business, such as: every time there’s a new sale, each time there’s a new subscriber for your applications, when sales surpass a fixed amount…

With Logtrust the sky is the limit; it’s never been so easy to be informed in real-time about your business development.

With Logtrust you can have the most important information about your business according to your needs, creating personalized dashboards and alerts.

Obtain Real-time business insights and transform your information into valuable assets.

  • Business Management
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • Vertical Apps
  • Proprietary Apps
  • CRM Tools
  • ERP Systems