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Logtrust offers various means to collect your data, and in most cases without the need to install anything on your systems. You can integrate your machine data with Logtrust solution through the application’s native mechanisms to send information or by configuring a small agent that will be responsible for sending the information to logtrust (Logtrust own relay).

Unix systems, firewalls and architecture elements natively integrate with our systems. In cases where the system has no mechanisms for sending information, Logtrust provides everything needed to configure the sending as efficiently and safely as possible. Everything can be integrated into Logtrust. View all supported technologies.

No matter the volume of data you generate or the peaks of data traffic streaming from your infrastructure. Logtrust can collect it.

All information is securely transmitted to our relays via an encrypted channel, authenticated with double certification. Your data has the most advanced protection.

It doesn’t matter where your data is: in your own datacenter, with a Cloud hosting provider, or in a mixed environment. It doesn’t matter if your infrastructure is geographically dispersed across the globe. Integrate all your data with Logtrust in an easy and efficient way.

In-House Relay

One of the features at your disposal is the ability to deploy a relay within your infrastructure. A relay is a system to which all device and application generated events are sent. The relay automatically forwards all data to our centralized collector.

The relay establishes a secure channel, encrypted with double authentication. All events travel through this encrypted channel with maximum security guarantees.

You can have as many relays in your infrastructure as you need. Put one in each of your datacenters, organize them by groups, etc. This maximizes the use of your resources and takes advantage of high redundancy during data transfers.

Our relays also offer additional features that can be configured from the Logtrust web site. All relays employed can be configured here – you can define what action to take on events, label them, delete them, extract data, and more.

Data always available

It doesn’t matter if your information has been stored for 10 years or 10 seconds, this will not affect the efficiency of your search and queries, without distinctions about what you can do with your data in real-time and what you can do with the data that is being stored. Logtrust allows you to store any amount of information for any period of time, from weeks to years, easily and as part of our standard service.

With a simple click, you can run queries, make correlations and perform analyses, both in StreamProcessing mode and on historical data.

In Logtrust all the information you integrate is live and online for all the features we offer. You can create comparative dashboards for a current situation, comparing it to the same situation in the recent past or historically. Your imagination is the limit.