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Any Data, Any Volume in Real-time All the Time

Flat-Ultra-Low-Latency(“FULL”) time-series data analytics platform processing over 150,000 events per second/per core or over 3 billion events per day/per core. Our competitors would need +200 cores to match such a performance.

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Key Features

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Key Features

Cloud based

Logtrust offers the best of the cloud in terms of pricing and scalability providing a solution that allows you to securely manage your machine data in and from the cloud, with no size or geographical limitations.

  • No costs for administrative personnel
  • No costs for licenses
  • No costs for maintenance
  • No CAPEX, only OPEX
  • Pay as you grow
  • High automatic scalability
  • Access and correlation from all over the world

Real time every time

We understand the importance of information and its availability for your business. Logtrust offers you real time visibility of what’s happening in your system as well as your business.

Event collection, correlation and delivery of alerts and reports takes less than 1 second.

Logtrust uses stream processing techniques which allow to process the data seamlessly from the moment it arrives on the platform, avoiding batch processes and delays.

High Performance

Logtrust delivers efficient and fast analytics.

  • Real time correlation and querying
  • Correlation of information in any format and
    from any source
  • Extension of event analysis framework to
    external data/operations
  • Virtual normalization
  • Flexible and efficient data storageOpen-ended and continuum queries

Logtrust provides cutting edge performance in all the key indicators.

  • Collection: 300,000 eps/instance
  • Query: 750,000 eps/instance
  • Correlation: 65,000 eps/instance
  • True and unlimited scalability maintaining maximum performance.

Use Case. One of Logtrust’s customers sends over 1,000 million events per day – that’s more than a terabyte of information each day on which they need to run queries, perform graphical visualizations and process alerts. This process was taking them over 22 hours using other Big Data technologies.

Logtrust has been able to reduce this processing time to less than 12 seconds, allowing them to multiply the number of queries on their data 100 fold, create new services and discover new and valuable insights about their information.

Dedicated applications

Logtrust adapts to the customer’s needs by providing a set of dedicated applications that respond to specific requirements within the market.

You can begin by acquiring a dedicated application or a set of applications to suit your specific needs. For example, if you are a system administrator you can subscribe to our system monitoring application by itself.

Custom Dashboards

Logtrust custom dashboards provide a simplified view of the information sent to the platform; you can create as many dashboards as you wish and include all the information you consider relevant to your business (e.g. business, sales, system security, connectivity, etc.).

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, Logtrust provides advanced graphics and tables so that you can visualize correlations in your data.The Logtrust platform allows you to choose from a range of themes, graphics and tables according to your needs.

Real-time alerts

Logtrust aims to help its users make an efficient an proactive use of their information, reducing the reaction time when an incident occurs.

Logtrust’s real-time alerting mechanisms are comprised of:

  • Generic Alerts and correlation libraries: a set of alerts and correlation rules that the customer can activate as soon as they start sending labeled logs to the logtrust platform.
    • Attacks: this library notifies of various types of possible attacks on the customer’s infrastructure.
    • System: alert library for monitoring errors or abnormal situations based on the logs generated by the operating systems (Unix/linux, Windows, MacOSX, BSD and Vmware).
    • Tracking: library based on user and/or system behavioural patterns, alerting of unusual activities.
    • Webserver: this library monitors errors and detects possible attacks on your web servers (Apache, IIS and HTTP).
    • Application Server: this library monitors errors and detects possible attacks on your application servers (Apache Tomcat and KBoss).
    • Monitoring: this library is enabled when the logtrust monitoring application is activated; it contains alerts to monitor system resources, detecting and preventing situations that affect system performance, uptime, availability, etc.

    For more information on the different alert libraries, please click here.

  • Custom alerts for business and operational optimization: Because no-one knows better than you what’s relevant to your business, with logtrust you can define custom alerts based on the searches you are generating within the application. You can define two kinds of custom alerts:
    • Alerts that are generated for each detected event. E.g. Alert when a certain sales threshold has been met.
    • Alerts that are generated when a specific amount of events occur during a given period of time. E.g.

All the alerts are delivered in real time via the following mechanisms: sms, email, Jira, Service Desk, Pushover, PagerDuty, the logtrust mobile application and logtrust web application.

From infrastructure to business

Logtrust integrates every kind of machine data: infrastructure, servers, software, business applications, even proprietary applications…  all in one single platform and in a single view!

It doesn’t matter where your servers are located (in-house, mixed infrastructure or in the cloud, or even if you’re using different data centers), Logtrust will integrate your information with extreme simplicity. Regardless of the size of your infrastructure or where it may be located, you’ll be able to manage every aspect as if it were one simple system.

Simple and powerful interface

Logtrust provides all the power of the most advanced querying and correlation processes, without the need for technical or programming knowledge.

The platform’s versatility allows you to run operations, make arbitrary groupings, comparisons, data geolocation and much more, with a single click of your mouse and in a visual and intuitive way.

Since everything is in the cloud, Logtrust provides several mechanisms to integrate your systems and applications, making the integration simple and seamless.

Grows with your business

Our pay as you grow model allows you to start using our technology for free and grow as you need. Logtrust’s flexibility allows you to scale up or down depending on your current capacity needs

Our platform scales automatically, without the need for prior dimensioning. Everything you need, when you need it: data collection, queries, dispatch of alerts, technical and business dashboards, etc. All updated in real time.

All the features for all the data

With Logtrust all your data is live and fully available.
Logtrust makes no distinctions between stored and current data. All data is treated the same.

You may store data for as long as you need with real time access.

With a simple click, you can run queries, make correlations and perform analysis on your current and stored data as if it where one, allowing you to make informed business decisions, compare past and actual situations and have a holistic view of your company’s evolution.


At Logtrust we value your data security above all; therefore, we implement the strictest security measures in the market:

  • Encryption and Authentication. Information is not only sent encrypted via TLS/SSL channels but also authenticated with double factor cryptographic authentication. We have a whole PKI within the logtrust platform, allowing you to deploy certificates in your system for information to be sent securely. From your Java, .NET applications, etc. to a syslog-ng or rsyslog… they all have standardized integration with our certificates and secure data collection system.
  • Permission levels per type of view. There is total granularity for viewing log data. Different types of views can be associated with each log and different permission levels can be assigned to each view. For instance, a technician may only view certain data in comparison to a Security Manager or an Auditing or sales department. Also, views can be established as a function of the value of the log.
  • Encoding of events. Data fields for each event may be encoded and decoded for specific access profiles only.
  • Privacy levels. Data can be stored with different privacy levels. Additionally, data can be stored in WORM (write Once Read Multiple) systems to avoid modification.
  • Digital Signature, and TimeStamp per event to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Data in the palm of your hand

At Logtrust we know how important it is for you to be able to access your data on any device at any moment, but also to have the mechanisms to run all your search, correlation and analysis processes and easily visualise the results.

Logtrust offers you the possibility to harness all the potential of our platform in the palm of your hand.

Social Intelligence

Logtrust platform offers mechanisms to socialize intelligence between members of the logtrust user community. All the intelligence produced by Logtrust users: custom alerts, dashboards, queries, applications etc., can be shared with the Logtrust community for free or priced under a revenue sharing model.

Because problems are not unique, with Logtrust social intelligence you can access the solutions shared by other users: identified problems, graphs and dashboards, new ways to represent your data, ways to find the cause of a specific problem… all with a simple mouse click.

This is a unique feature in the industry allowing for sustained growth of the intelligence available for Logtrust’s users.

100% flexible plans. Pay only for what you need neither more nor less.

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