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Insights Overview

Because in Logtrust, we think about every aspect of your infrastructure and your business, we worry about your priorities and values focusing on who you are and what you want to do. We align with your values.

What is it for

Who is it for

Security administrators

As a security administrator you’re familiar with the amount of time involved in the analysis of system logs, firewalls, antivirus, antispams, UDS, etc. Logtrust allows you to visualize and correlate all your logs in one single platform.

Integrate all the logs from your systems and applications: Firewalls, IDS, IPS, Antivirus, etc. and obtain:

  • Correlations between all your systems’ logs
  • Automatic charts and reports about what is happening in your organization
  • Preventive detection of attempted attacks with real time alerts.
  • Pinpoint and diagnose issues.
  • Forensic analytics
  • Elaboration of behavioral patterns and intelligent detection of any changes in your system’s behavior.

System administrators

Our service offers great assistance in your daily activities, simplifying your tasks and minimizing the time you spend finding the root of a problem, a problem in performance or figuring out which system is not working as it should.

Incorporate all the logs from your system and applications and obtain:

  • The possibility of executing searches for all your logs in all of your systems simultaneously or individually with a simple click.
  • Monitor and measure your system performance.
  • Detect application errors in real time and find the root of a fault.
  • Implement correlation rules to receive alerts about complicated situations in a simple manner.
  • Monitor your providers’ SLAs, response times, deployment of security patches, etc.
  • Monitor when and how your system is being accessed, and by whom.


As a developer, you have probably faced the task of tracing your applications, especially those for web distributed environments in The Cloud, or even those working on multiple servers at the same time. Logtrust offers this service, free of charge with our special plan for developers so that you can integrate all your application logs.

You will be able to:

  • Consult application logs regardless as of which server makes the request.
  • Track the execution traces of an application as a whole, from the web server to your application.
  • Conduct complex searches and queries for all your logs.
  • Elaborate graphs to show trends, error rates, etc.
  • Have access to specific correlation alerts for your most generic logs.

We offer the help you need in order to generate better logs for your clients. And most important: you will be able to offer differential added value to your clients; if, in turn, they contract our services, you will receive a part of the earnings generated by your customers for this particular application during the duration of their contract with us.

Business Management

Whether your infrastructure is in a Cloud Service Provider or in your own datacenter, Logtrust can manage your business security, monitor your assets and allow you to keep up to speed on everything that´s going on in your business.

With Logtrust you can gain a deep understanding into everything that happens within your business, infrastructure and everything pertaining to your company.

At a truly affordable price. Traditional solutions can be costly, bearing in mind all the costs related to licenses, maintenance, personnel and management. Logtrust breaks these patterns and provides a solution that requires no initial investment nor any personalization, while providing complete scalability – all at a price you will not believe.

Regardless of whether you are someone who doesn´t wish to complicate things or someone who requires every available resource in order to conduct your research, analysis and draw correlations from your machine data, Logtrust´s interface adapts to your needs.

With Logtrust you can:

  • Receive real-time alerts about any event that interests you (security breaches, sales, connections to your website or applications from certain areas, changes in user habits, etc.)
  • Access detailed dashboards (updated in real time with each new event received on our platform); you can create as many dashboards as you wish or need and include any information you consider relevant to your business or job (e.g. business, sales, system security, connectivity…)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Perform queries, draw correlations and perform behavioral analytics on all your data

Cloud service providers

Logtrust offers a solution that allows any Cloud Service Provider to integrate everything related to log management (security, monitoring, correlation, compliance, alerts…) and real time data analytics into its services.

Logtrust offers you the chance to incorporate our technology into your datacenters, creating a high quality and easy to use service for your customers.

The integration of our solution into your management systems is a straightforward process; we will provide you with the tools you need to satisfy your customer needs in terms of security, business and IT monitoring, compliance and data analytics, helping you to generate more business with your customers while meeting their needs at a cost they won’t even notice.

As a CSP, you can increase your customers’ value proposition offering a service worth thousands of Euros, but at a minimal price.

Our CSP customers can generate/create specific predefined sets of encapsulated rules and dashboards for each category of customers and market segments. This is a fantastic and easy way for CSP to increase their ARPU and customer retention.

With Logtrust you can offer your customers:

  • Real time collection of all their events. Not only do we collect system events, but also architectural elements (web servers, application servers, mail, etc.), their business applications and even events from their proprietary applications.
  • Log encryption, timestamp, real time duplication in various locations, etc
  • In-depth queries about their events and data visualization
  • Long term storage
  • Predefined reports and personalized dashboards
  • Powerful correlation and alert libraries that they may easily subscribe to
  • Dispatch of real time alerts through different mechanisms
  • Compliance

Online software vendors

As a software developer, either traditional or Cloud, we understand that your users security is important. Your users’ security is so important that it could be a barrier for many of your customers to adopt your services. Logtrust offers a service that takes this security much further, involving users in the security parameters and giving them confidence in the solutions you offer.

Logtrust provides alerts for any anomalies in your applications or user behavior, complying with the regulations that affect your users.

For example, if we confirm that 99% of the time a user connects from France and then suddenly we notice a connection from Korea, it is probable that your user´s identity has been compromised through a virus, trojan, etc. logtrust will send an alert to you and/or your client informing about the situation so that you can take measures to resolve the problem.

We can also provide information to your users about their connections, activity, etc.

We offer hundreds of measures that can improve the security of your software so that your users have complete confidence in your services. All of this at a reasonable price and with many different options for collaboration and revenue sharing.