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    Obtain all the meaningful information
    from your data.
  • From Infrastructure data to business data:
    ALL in a SINGLE POINT… easy, fast and reliable
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Turning machine data into business insights.

Get ready in only five steps!

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Step 5
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What do our customers use Logtrust for?

Business Intelligence

Have used data to increase revenue

it performance

collect logs to detect and track suspicious behavior


chief auditing execs who believe data analytics are important for strengthening internal compliance efforts


attacks detected by continous monitoring users, in contrast to 17% of non-users

With us, you will...

Integrate all your data, from the infrastructure to the business. From days, months and years available with a single click.

View all your business insights in dashboards and get alerts on any parameter you need, always in real-time.

Preconfigured correlation libraries. Security, monitoring, webservers and much more.

All your information, regardless of where it was generated or its volume, in a single point for analysis.

What we do for you

Business Analytics

Logtrust allows you to manage of your data in a single point of view, gaining a rich, easy and real-time visualization. Correlate, find and predict behavioral trends and patterns.
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Operational Intelligence

Obtain the most valuable insights from your data, monitoring and analyzing the whole information in real-time.
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Integrate all your information with simplicity and facilitate its analysis. Receive alerts, build reports, correlate, make forensic analysis of any situation and even elaborate behavioural patterns and intelligent detection of any anomaly in the system’s behaviour.
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With Logtrust you can audit and comply with multiple legal requirements easily using the same platform.
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