Iot Analytics On-Demand Webinar 2017-11-15T10:32:15+00:00

Real-time IoT Analytics On-Demand Webinar

4.5 Million Telco Devices Managed at Scale

With more than 4.5 million digital devices in the field, delivering billions of data streams for TV and Video On-Demand services, this Fortune Global 500 Telco needed to improve Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) – in real-time. Because every second counts and time-to-insight matters, managing the volume, variety and velocity of data streaming in real-time, and analyzing against historical data needed to be effortless, seamless and lightning fast. Using Logtrust’s Big Data-in-Motion technology, our expert will showcase how the Telco giant analyzes in real-time billions of data for 20 million customers each day, and has reduced call volume, improved QoE/S, and saved millions of dollars a year.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding current IoT data management challenges
  • Overcoming the technology and data scalability wall
  • Analyzing past and present “events of interest” across millions of IoT devices
  • Making sense out of chaos for time-sensitive IoT/Big Data applications for rapid time-to-insight and value