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IT Monitoring

Gain a holistic view of your systems with Logtrust.

The Logtrust system monitoring application provides the real-time status of customers’ infrastructures, analyzing a large set of parameters and showing detailed charts with each machine’s historical data.

It allows customers to observe and control all their infrastructure parameters, tag their machines, define alerts based on thresholds (e.g. When a CPU is at 80% of usage for more than 15 minutes), analyze the cause of a problem, crashes and application errors, control its performance and more.

By integrating the logs generated by your servers into our platform, Logtrust will summarize, run operations and show real-time statistics regarding:

  • Memory
  • CPU usage
  • Processor load
  • Disk operations
  • Network
  • System
  • Processes

Obtain insights into your infrastructure, control the usage of your system resources, collect and track metrics, receive real-time alerts and react immediately to any unforeseen event to keep your business and applications running smoothly.

Logtrust enables you to have a complete vision of your infrastructure on a single platform.

Monitor system usage; memory, cpu, load, disk, network, processes.

  • Chief Information Officers
  • System Administrators
  • Infrastructure Devices & Servers