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A single view point for information analysis

All of your information, regardless as to where this is generated or the geographical zone where the servers or applications reside, is covered by a single data analysis point. A single point with the guarantees of high uptime and disaster recovery, allowing you to correlate the totality of your information. From infrastructure to business. From network switches to your e-banking facilities all in one single point.

Single control console

A further interesting feature of the above is its ability to function as a single control console.

Nowadays in organizations we have a multitude of different consoles used to analyze the same types of information, depending on the manufacturer in question, as in the case of firewalls.

Managing different consoles, maintaining hardware resources, keeping them updated, and correctly managing users and access rights is a task that takes up a lot of time and resources.

With Logtrust, all of your users access our service via web interface in order to use all of this information; it is very easy to administer their access rights, determine what each user can see, ensure that they have suitable preconfigured filters, and understand what kind of information they are looking for.

You can also use Logtrust as part of your different alert systems and integrate the alerts generated by other products as another source of information.