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Log Management

Manage a huge volume of data in an easy way.

Logtrust collects all of your logs, no matter your systems are located (cloud or on premise), no matter the type and without having to install anything.

The platform allows you to centralize all the information, to analyze events from firewalls, systems or webservers… and always in real-time. All the information will be available in one place and for everyone. You can choose among different roles for each user, such as Administrator, No priviliges and End User.

A log management solution enables you to monitor and analyze all the activity in your systems, to know what is happening and to make decisions efficiently and quickly.

You will obtain:

High availability of your data

Store your data in one or various remote locations, always knowing where it is (Logtrust will only use the infrastructure of your chosen datacentre) and that it’s secure (sent using Digital Cert X509v3 double authentication from client and server and encrypted).

For compliance and different regulations requirements

You can program multiple retention periods for different kinds of information, reducing time and cost.

Correlation processes

Run complex queries in different data source and find what you were looking for faster than you never thought.

We have three kinds of intelligence mechanisms you can take advantage of while doing your correlations:

  • Internal Intelligence. Developed by logtrust technicians as part of the standard service.
  • Collective Intelligence. A platform where you can define and model what you consider to be a security, availability or compliance problem. These models can be shared for free or bases on an alternative retribution model.
  • Industrial Intelligence. Vertical correlation libraries for each type of business, developed with the collaboration of selected end users within each industry.

Multi-client alerts

Due to our technology and the way we implement it, you will be protected from and be informed of any threats that have not yet “attacked” you, but could be imminent.

Visualize all the data generated by your infrastructure in one single view. Search and correlate information from different data sources in an easy way. Achieve your compliance metrics and respond to your different legal requirements.

Keep all your information in one single place and define different retention times for each datasource.

  • Business Management
  • Operations Management
  • Chief Information Officers
  • System Administrators
  • Chief Security Officers
  • Security Administrators
  • Machine to machine data (infrastructure)
  • Human to machine data (business applications)