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Logtrust Perspectives on Performance – Stress Test

Logtrust Scalability Test

Logtrust ran a series of tests to show how a Logtrust environment sized for 5TB – 6TB of data ingestion a day would perform when subjected to data rates in the ranges of 20TB, 30TB, and 100TB.

This is an extreme stress test that simulates the potential huge spikes of data a customer might see during new product introductions and other events. For this test, the load was arbitrarily set at 5TB/day and 145K events per second (EPS).
Test results show that a Logtrust system sized for a moderate, 5TB/day data load can handle massive spikes and data surges up to 100TB a day – without losing data, and while providing predictable sub-second query response times  – with the ability to analyze both streaming and historical data sets with a minimal hardware footprint.

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