Logtrust whitepaper: Increasing the Value Density of Data with Logtrust Event Lake™

In the whitepaper “Increasing the Value Density of Data with Logtrust Event Lake™,” Logtrust applies the logistics industry concept of “value density” to explain why Logtrust Event Lake has successfully increased the value density of Fast and Big Data by reducing the “Time-to-Value” per GB ingested for all our customers.

Key takeaways:

  • The relationship between the age of data and its arrival time has a significant impact on the value density of data
  • Silos of data and multi layers lower value density; Logtrust Event Lake simplifies and increases density
  • Use cases: complementing SIEM, IoT, stock trading, cyber security, automotive IoT, industrial IoT, IT Operations
  • Logtrust capabilities: extreme performance, Flat Ultra Low Latency queries, pure linear scalability, always on and always hot data