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The Need for Speed: Machine Data Analytics in 2016-17

In the new research report “The Need for Speed: Machine Data Analytics 2016-17,” 451 Research conducted interviews with 200 IT decision-makers for machine data analytics to better understand top benefits, needs, challenges, and future opportunities. Commissioned by Logtrust, the research provided insights into these drivers of business value, but also revealed findings in the areas of users and use cases, preferred deployments and software, data types, and perhaps most importantly, speed.
The results revealed some surprises:

  • The biggest benefit of machine data analytics is “time to value.”
  • Real-time is critical, with most users wanting to analyze data in machine real-time (within milliseconds). Yet 53% said their technology wasn’t even capable of human real-time analytics (5 seconds to 5 minutes).
  • The top challenges for users are current solutions use too much infrastructure resources (servers, storage) or are difficult to scale.
  • The majority want vendors to provide the “holy grail” of capabilities — a full stack of data ingestion, analysis, filtering, alerting and visualization.

Download the research report for the complete set of findings and insights.


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“Real-time is absolutely critical for companies to compete effectively. They wish to use it to analyze more data types, but also to combine real-time analytics with historical data to perform complex queries and identify trends and threats faster and more efficiently…faster data analytics really is better.”

— Jason Stamper, Data Analyst, 451 Research