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Any Data, Any Volume in Real-time All the Time

Flat-Ultra-Low-Latency(“FULL”) time-series data analytics platform processing over 150,000 events per second/per core or over 3 billion events per day/per core. Our competitors would need +200 cores to match such a performance.

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Logtrust offers you three different ways to use our services. All with exact functionalities, but in a way that best suits your business needs, the size of your company and your overall requirements.


Pay as you grow

You can take advantage of our Cloud model, from wherever you are, with no limitation on the amount of data you need to integrate. A platform that grows hand-in-hand with your needs and those of your clients, paying only for the use you make of the platform. From just a few megabytes to terabytes of data per day, with a flexible retention period spanning from days through weeks, months and years.


For large companies with high volumes of data

Aimed at large corporations that require a scalable platform to manage extremely high volumes of data and/or serve multiple clients. You will be able to take advantage of Logtrust’s full software directly from your own datacenter. You decide the level of storage and performance you need to get started, being able to increase these to meet your needs moving forward. Making the best real-time data processing technology available as part of your own infrastructure.

Cloud + On-Premise

Keep all your data in your datacenter with the advantages of the cloud

Logtrust offers a system where part of our infrastructure will be housed in your facilities and the rest in the Cloud. With this option, all your information, or only parts that require special protection (due to security and governance rules for example) will be held on-premise, while the rest of the platform will be in the Cloud. No data that you consider as confidential will ever leave your premises.

100% flexible plans. Pay only for what you need neither more nor less.

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