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Any Data, Any Volume in Real-time All the Time

Flat-Ultra-Low-Latency(“FULL”) time-series data analytics platform processing over 150,000 events per second/per core or over 3 billion events per day/per core. Our competitors would need +200 cores to match such a performance.

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Data Collection & Storage

Save time and resources. Collect and store all your data in its original format without any pre configurations. Logtrust does not require you to model the data—parse, combine, integrate, clean, and validate—before users query it.

Logtrust provides an easy, affordable solution that collects and stores raw data—providing real-time insight and scalability. Integrate massive volumes of complex data generated by multiple datasources inside and outside your enterprise. Keep the information safe and accessible for decades.

Agent & agent-less integration

You can integrate your machine data through the applications native transmission mechanism or by configuring a small agent.

Secure Collection

Logtrust values your data security implementing the strictest security measures in the market.

From infrastructure to business

Infrastructure, servers, software, business applications, even proprietary applications.

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Log centralization

Every process that is carried out by a machine generates a log and it is crucial to analyze these so as to have a complete view of what is going in your systems and your business. This log generation results in ever growing volumes of data from many different sources, making it essential to have a unique platform that can centralize all this information, allowing for simple, fast and efficient analysis.

Search for an event in hundreds of systems, know where an error occurred in a globally distributed architecture, find all the assets to which a given user has connected… all in just seconds and in a single place.

All your data in a single place

A single entry point to analyze events from firewalls, systems or webservers…


Without having to install anything.


In a matter of seconds and more efficiently.

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Logtrust enables efficient and flexible real-time alert management, allowing you to use pre-built as well as customizable alerts.

You can see a timeline with everything that is occurring in your platform; add comments, define tasks for each alert and even add comments on previous comments, allowing you to keep everything under control.

You can assign individual notification policies for each alert. Alert Delivery: Email, SMS, HTTP/Webservice, Jira, Service Desk, Pushover, PagerDuty…

Generic Alert and correlation libraries

A single entry point to analyze events from firewalls, systems or webservers…

Create your own

Logtrust users have the possibility to customize their own security, monitoring or business alerts in a simple and user friendly way.

Manage your

You can set different policies for each user.

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Visualize your data

Logtrust offers easy visualization of large volumes of data. Our visualization tools gives you a level of knowledge about what’s happening in your company that you have never witnessed before.

You can choose from a wide range or maps, diagrams, tables and charts that will allow you to visualize key indicators and assist you in the decision making process.

Always in real-time.


As many interactive dashboards, updated in real time, as you wish.


You can enrich your data using real time geolocation capabilities.

Maps, diagrams, tables…

Flat Word map, Circle World map, Globe bar map, Heat calendar, Chord diagram.

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Social Intelligence

Logtrust’s platform offers mechanisms to socialize intelligence between members of the Logtrust user community. All the intelligence produced by Logtrust users: custom alerts, dashboards, queries, applications etc., can be shared with the Logtrust community for free or priced under a revenue sharing model.

Because problems are not unique, with Logtrust social intelligence you can access the solutions shared by other users: identified problems, graphs and dashboards, new ways to represent your data, ways to find the cause of a specific problem… all with a simple click of your mouse.

Free model

Other users may be facing the same casuistic as you, therefore you have the possibility to share your dashboards, alerts and searches as well as use those that have been published by other users at no cost.

Shared Revenue Model

If you have created complex and valuable dashboards, you can offer them to other Logtrust users and obtain a benefit via our shared revenue model.

Gain synergies

Because 1000 users think more than one, put your entire community’s intelligence at the service of your business.

100% flexible plans. Pay only for what you need neither more nor less.

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