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Data analysis for IoT presents some common challenges when using traditional software and architecture to unlock valuable insights in a timely manner. Because its events are machine-generated, IoT presents increasingly bigger and faster data. This thousand-fold increase in IoT volume and velocity creates a stronger and urgent need for a modern platform that can parse and process those events from IoT devices at top performance.

Logtrust helps you cost-effectively analyze trillions of events per minute with ultra-low latency response time. Coupled with its real-time classification and filtering capabilities, you can further drill down to events of interest that matter the most for your business. With an always hot event lake, gain real-time IoT insights you can act on at any scale.


Monitor the expected and get real-time alerts on the unexpected

Gain valuable insights into what is expected and what is not expected. Capture IoT activities and infer the outcome quickly.

Detect when need-to-know events happen

Logtrust enables real-time IoT analytics for events that stream at different times, continuous monitoring of events, continuous search for events of interest over time, and the detection of events of interest as they happen.

Discover insights that were previously unknown

Discover patterns to proactively react before they become realities, and recognize outlier patterns in real-time. Conduct fast investigative steps to verify assumptions. Trigger new actions based on actionable IoT insights.

Analyze from passive, active, and dynamic IoT devices

Logtrust enables you to cost-effectively and quickly ingest, store, process, and analyze IoT data. Unlock fast insights from complex spatial data models and analytics with real-time operations.


Make sense out of chaos for time-sensitive IoT Big Data applications

  • View all events with a single pane of glass
  • Quickly identify relationships among assets, causes, and events

  • Enable fast data exploration

  • Make sense of diverse variety and event types

  • Perform investigative search and real-time queries

  • Instantly enrich data with additional attributes

  • Aggregate metrics and statistical learning with always hot data

  • Discover patterns and relationships

  • Monitor continuously in real-time

  • Use adaptive monitoring across networks

  • Detect deviations by monitoring data relationships


+ 150,000 EPS / core

Query / Workflow Processing

+ 1,000,000 EPS / core

Complex Events Processing

+ 65,000 EPS / core

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Real-time IoT Operations

Real-time Tagging


As unstructured data flows from various IoT sources, easily extract signals from noise by classifying data as they come.

Real-time Aggregation


In real-time, aggregate and compute on events of interest along a sliding time window.

Real-time Temporal Correlation


Make use of real-time correlation from connected and disconnected sources.

Logtrust Real-time IoT Analytics Platform

Rapid Time-to-Insight
Logtrust’s no code / low code, self-service platform gets companies up and running in days.

Blisteringly Fast Real-Time Analytics
Any data, any volume, any velocity — analyze up to 1M EPS/core.

Always On, Always Hot Data
No separation of data, such as hot, warm and cold, enables fast, complex correlations on data lake and data streams.

Real-time “Events of Interest” Notifications
Users are notified immediately when “events of interest” occur without monitoring or going through irrelevant and mundane data.

Scales Linearly, Predictably
Logtrust scales to meet business demands while containing costs.


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