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Need for Scale: Cyber Security

Grow to meet real-time threat hunting demands while containing costs. Analyze billions of events per second (EPS) continuously.

Scale linearly and predictably with lower total cost of ownership

The Logtrust Data Operations Platform enables consistent high performance for your real-time analytics. Cost-effective, linear scaling is critical as threats increasingly grow.

Experience predictable performance and predictable costs, while hunting for threats in real-time based on analyses of billions of events per second.


Need for Speed: Real-time Threat Analytics

Easily harness real-time insights for confident decision-making and timely, quick execution for optimal security.


Analyze events of interest in real-time

Gain real-time analytics with any data, any volume, any velocity — ingest TBs or PBs of raw data per day, and analyze over 1 million EPS / core.

Rapid time-to-insight with self-service analytics

No code / low code, ready-made self-service analytics solution gets companies up and running in days.

Slice and dice events of interest on the fly

With real-time “event of interest” notification, avoid monitoring or wading through irrelevant or mundane data.

Need for Accuracy: Always Hot Data

Gain complete end-to-end visibility into threats with a unified view of always-hot data.

Hunt cyber threats with an always-hot event stream

Always-On, Always Hot Data — No separation of data, such as hot, warm and cold enables fast, complex correlations on data lake and data streams.

Use a single, unified view of data from across the organization

Logtrust provides a unified view of all your data – processed, clean, and enriched events. Access and modify all events in real-time.



+ 150,000 EPS / core

Query / Workflow Processing

+ 1,000,000 EPS / core

Complex Events Processing

+ 65,000 EPS / core

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Customer Spotlight: Panda Security

Panda and Logtrust’s Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) automatically generates security intelligence and allows organizations to pinpoint attacks and unusual behaviors, as well as internal misuse. It enables users to:

• Perform calculations and graphical visualization
• Receive alerts on Network Security Status Indicators and IT resources usage
• Determine threat origin and perform forensic analysis
• Gain visibility into endpoint vulnerability
• Monitor and control misuse of corporate resources

Learn how ‘Panda and Logtrust Join Forces to Stem Next-Gen Malware Attacks, Secure Proliferating Endpoints’

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Featured Resources: Real-time Threat Hunting

Using Statistical Pattern Learning to Find the Method in Attackers’ Madness

Using Statistical Pattern Learning to Find the Method in Attackers’ Madness With attackers getting more sophisticated and diabolical by the day, one of the scariest problems is that some of the most devastating intrusions may not initially even look like attacks at all. Such is often the case with IoT-based attacks, for example, which exploit [...]

Beyond Analysis: Intelligent Security Requires Real-time Actionable Insights

Beyond Analysis: Intelligent Security Requires Real-time Actionable Insights The standard approach to Big Data in cyber security is like the police investigating a crime scene: analyzing the past. Similarly, we see companies are pouring petabytes worth of historical information into data warehouses and lakes, where it waits to be analyzed by an assortment of sophisticated [...]

In the “Hot” Seat: Stuck with Cold Data Tiering

In the “Hot” Seat: Stuck with Cold Data Tiering There seems to be no limit to the ingenuity of today’s cyber attacks, which are increasingly capable of finding and exploiting any weakness in your infrastructure. To prevent the next generation of cyber security threats you may need instant access to the totality of your company’s [...]

Modern threats respect no boundaries…and neither should your cyber security

Modern threats respect no boundaries...and neither should your cyber security   As enterprises ingest more data at higher speeds they naturally encounter more cyber threats. But while the challenge of speed and volume is daunting enough, according to TechTarget’s Dan Sullivan the difficulty is compounded by the fact that today’s attacks are “often dispersed across [...]

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