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Any Data, Any Volume in Real-time All the Time

Flat-Ultra-Low-Latency(“FULL”) time-series data analytics platform processing over 150,000 events per second/per core or over 3 billion events per day/per core. Our competitors would need +200 cores to match such a performance.

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Additional Services

The Logtrust standard service includes the highest guarantee of quality such as strict access control and continuous auditing. Additional services that may be more specific to your needs are also available:

Data Isolation

As a result of your business’ nature or legal obligations, you may require additional security services. Logtrust will provide exclusive and secure storage for your data, housing it in private servers accessible only by you.

Logtrust On-premise

For big companies, logtrust cloud technology can be deployed in private environments. This way, you’ll have access to all our capabilities at a flat rate, integrating as much information as you need for as long as you wish, allowing total control of your service costs.

X4 Data replication

Whether you have special requirements in terms of disaster recovery or you need a better throughput, logtrust will provide real time automatic replication of your data with up to 4 synchronized backup copies at different locations across the globe. In the event of a disaster in one of the sites, our system will automatically reconfigure and you will have access to your data as if nothing ever happened.

Partial deletion

Logtrust allows you to manage your information in the way you see fit: whether an unwanted piece of information slipped into your data or you need to delete something, you can eliminate it without modifying any data from your logs. We only require, for legal purposes, an explanation of the reasons for doing this.

Data recovery and sending

You can request a copy of your data whenever you want, available in standard format (HD, DVD or Blu-Ray) or in downloadable format.

A clean slate

If you terminate your contract with logtrust, your data will be totally erased from our systems in such a way that it can never be recovered.

100% flexible plans. Pay only for what you need neither more nor less.

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