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Complement your SIM/SIEM

Raise your security levels.

With Logtrust you will be able to maximize your security capabilities from collecting, analyzing and visualizing your logs in real-time. Integrating your logs from your security devices and applications with our platform, you will obtain:

High availability of your data

Store your data in one or various REMOTE LOCATIONS, always knowing where it is and that is secure, your data will be IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE in case of a SIM/SIEM failure and you will be able to recover your logs without ever missing a single event.

Alternative Query Mechanisms

Our tool verifies that your SIM/SIEM is working PROPERLY AND ADEQUATELY for your needs. With our advanced and powerful query system, you will be able to consult all your logs as if they where a database, regardless of what your daily volume is or whether you’re storing a week, a month or even 10 YEAR’S WORTH OF DATA. All your information will be permanently located online for endless consultation and correlation.

Multi-Client Alerts

Our platform offers precautionary measures that allow you to see and analyze your security issues in a COMPREHENSIVE MANNER. You will be protected from and informed of any threats that have not yet “attacked”, but could be imminent.

Correlation Processes

Our platform offers additional services that can help you make correlation and choose alerts that your SIM/SIEM doesn’t offer, all at a REASONABLE PRICE. All the power of our most comprehensive and versatile platforms within your reach.


You can use our platform to measure your infrastructure’s levels of availability, AS WELL AS THOSE OF YOUR SIM/SIEM. This may be of particular importance if your service is provided by a third party, your security is managed by a MSSP or simply outsourced. You will have the confidence that your outsourcer is doing their job with the quality that your business requires in mind.

Integrate your company logs and even those of your SIM/SIEM with Logtrust and increase your correlation possibilities while raising your security levels.

To complement and increase  your security:

  • High availability of your data
  • Alternative query mechanisms
  • Multi-client alerts
  • Correlation Processes
  • SLAs
  • Chief Security Officers
  • Security Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • IPs
  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Proxys
  • Webservers
  • Vertical Apps
  • Proprietary Apps
  • CRM Tools
  • ERP Systems