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Capture IoT activities and infer the outcome quickly.

Logtrust helps you cost-effectively analyze trillions of events per minute with ultra-low latency response time. Coupled with its real-time classification and filtering capabilities, you can further drill down to events of interest that matter the most for your business. With an always hot event lake, gain real-time IoT insights you can act on at any scale.

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Real-time security monitoring and alerting.

With Logtrust service you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your security. Use our powerful query, correlation and reporting tool, create dashboards to keep you informed in real-time about your most important information, and monitor your systems and users’ activity and more.

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Global business visibility in Real-Time.

You can create and personalize your dashboard to include the most relevant information for your company and/or business and set business alerts (delivered in real-time) to inform you of important events within your business, such as: every time there’s a new sale, each time there’s a new subscriber for your applications, when sales surpass a fixed amount…

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Raise your security levels.

Integrate your company logs and even those of your SIM/SIEM with Logtrust and increase your correlation possibilities while raising your security levels.

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Quickly identify and resolve problems.

Logtrust helps you to accelerate troubleshooting across servers and applications. It also allows to diagnose network issues by searching logs from routers and other devices.

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Manage a huge volume of data in an easy way.

Logtrust Log Management allows you to have complete visibility across all your infrastructure and business. You will be able to obtain insights, make decisions, and improve your security, always in real-time.

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