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System Monitoring

Logtrust offers a monitoring app that you can start using within minutes. Send your infrastructure logs to Logtrust and obtain important insights from your system.

  • Chief Security Officers
  • Security Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers


This application allows you to observe and control your server parameters, tag them, set threshold-based alerts, check their performance and much more, helping you to obtain meaningful insights.

With the logs generated by your servers, Logtrust will summarize, run operations and show statistics in a matter of seconds, regarding (among others):

  • Memory statistics
  • CPU consumption
  • Processor load
  • Disk operations
  • Network statistics
  • System statistics
  • Processes statistics

We provide a real-time status of client machines analyzing a large set of parameters and showing detailed charts with all the historical data of each machine, warnings, etc. In summary, you will obtain a platform with all the information integrated with extreme simplicity, facilitating its analysis.This allows you to receive alerts, build reports, correlate, make forensic analysis of any situation and even elaborate behavioral patters and intelligent detection of any changes in the system´s behavior.