Threat Hunting Webinar 2018-01-17T16:49:33+00:00

Real-time Threat Hunting On-Demand Webinar

451 Reasearch Trends & Security Analytics

Every day, organizations are affected by cyber-attacks. Misleading indicators, complex security incidents, and evolving intruder patterns require new approaches to threat intelligence and analytics. With millions of data points to analyze, every second counts. The need has never been more pressing for organizations to augment existing security tools with real-time threat hunting capabilities and new analytic insights.

In this on-demand webinar experts from 451 Research and Logtrust discuss how essential real-time threat hunting is for cybersecurity teams and share new insights and tools for combatting attacks.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn new trends in machine data analytics from 451 Research
  • Pinpoint cybersecurity attacks and unusual behavior
  • Visualize an attack graph
  • Detect intruder paths and potential vulnerabilities