Threat Hunting Webinar 2017-11-15T10:30:51+00:00

Real-time Threat Hunting On-Demand Webinar

451 Reasearch Trends & Security Analytics

Every day, organizations are impacted by cyber-attacks. Misleading indicators, complex security incidents, and evolving intruder patterns require new threat intelligence and analytics. With millions of data to analyze, every second counts – augment your security tools with real-time threat hunting capabilities and new research insights.

Join our experts as they affirm how essential real-time threat hunting is for cybersecurity teams, and share new insights and tools for combatting attacks.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn new trends in machine data analytics from 451 Research
  • Pinpoint cybersecurity attacks and unusual behavior
  • Visualize an attack graph
  • Detect intruder paths and potential vulnerabilities
  • Leverage a single source of truth