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With our service, it’s really easy to analyze large volumes of information. But analyzing your data with our visualization tools gives you a level of knowledge about what’s happening in your company that you have never witnessed before.

You don’t have to download data to be displayed using third-party tools (unless you wish).

Maps, chord diagrams, networks, distributions, trends and comparisons, all simple and attractive and totally integrated with your data… and in real-time.

Flat World Map

This is a 2D map that shows the number of events per country. Depending on the information you send to our platform, it may be used to represent in a map: location of visitors to your website, connection locations, geo-location of a resource or an event, DoS attacks, etc.

Circle World Map

A 2D map that shows activity by zone, increasing the size of the circle where there is more activity. Depending on the information you send to our platform it can be used to represent sales locations, visits and connections to your servers per area, intrusions, etc.

Globe Map

A 3D globe that represents activity by zone; the size of the bar represents the amount of information per zone. It can be used to represent visits, sales, attacks per area, etc.

Heat Calendar

Table that shows the number of events per date. It can be used to represent the number of connections, sales, visits, etc., per date.

Heat Map

Using a Google heat map you can see where all events come from. At a glance you can see where your connections, visits, attacks, sales, etc., come from.

Heat Chart

A table that shows the number of events for a specific value in a time period. It can be used to represent the number of connections per firewall, cpu average, SSH login tries, etc., per date.

Chord diagram

A graphical way of representing the information flow between two or more points. For example, number of transactions of one user for a specific resource, connections per area or port number, etc.

Voronoi tree map

A Voronoi diagram is a way of dividing space into a number of regions. Clicking once in each region you get closer information about this cell. Double click in a cell will get back to the previous information.


Logtrust system allows you to create as many dashboards as you wish and include all the information, graphs, maps, etc. that are important to you and your company.

These interactive dashboards are updated in real-time, and can be shared through our social platform in the same way as you access the dashboards shared by other logtrust users and partners, allowing you to enrich your data.